Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement Hiring for AU21

Students with puppy

Join the team to help support the off-campus and commuter students part of the Residential Experience at The Ohio State University.  Current openings include: Community Ambassador, Commuter Peer Mentor, and Administrative Roles.


  • Works around your academic schedule
  • Office/home base is conveniently located on campus
  • Most of the positions do not require many late-night shifts
  • Individualized professional development
  • Ability to shape the work and focus on passion projects
  • Better understand how to help others navigate challenging situations
  • Learn how to have difficult conversations, enhance project management skills, delegate effectively, lead meetings, develop proposals, etc.
  • Gain the skills necessary to better analyze problems and determine potential solutions
  • Opportunities for advancement

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Questions? Contact Rachel DeMooy, Program Manager, at