Psychology Department Scholarships

PDF icon Alkire Research Scholarship [pdf]

This fund was given by Edward M. Alkire to help an outstanding junior or senior student majoring in psychology to conduct research in psychology or the mental health field.

PDF icon Billingslea Research Scholarship [pdf]

This fund was given by Dr. Fredrick Y. Billingslea to help an outstanding junior or senior majoring in psychology conduct research in clinical psychology or in a clinically related area.

PDF icon Lawson Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

This fund was established in memory of Dr. Phillipe Reed Lawson. The purpose of the scholarship is to permit students, who are working full-time or part-time to pay for their education, to devote more time to their studies.

PDF icon Piyu C. Ko Memorial Scholarship [pdf]

This fund commemorates the wife of Dr. H.C. Ko. The award is given on the basis of scholastic achievement, intention for a career in clinical psychology, and demonstrated preparation toward this goal.

PDF icon Psychology Students First Scholarship [pdf]

Psychology Students First is a fund for psychology students with financial needs.

PDF icon Psychology Conference Travel Scholarship [pdf]

Scholarships are available to psychology majors to facilitate attendance at psychology conferences in which: (1) the student is presenting research, or (2) the student is currently and actively involved in working in a psychology research lab and/or on a psychology thesis project and attendance at a psychology conference will contribute to the work the student has been doing in the psychology research lab. Eligible students can be awarded up to $400 if they are presenting psychological research at a conference and up to $200 if they attend a psychology conference. All application materials must be submitted at least one month in advance of the conference.

Other Research Scholarship Opportunities at Ohio State

Social and Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Grants

Each fall and spring semester the Social and Behavioral Sciences departments offer research grants to undergraduate students whose research projects involve extraordinary costs. Awards up to $1,000 can be granted. All Columbus campus undergraduate students with a declared major in the Social and Behavioral Sciences are eligible.

Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship

The ASC Undergraduate Research Scholarships, which range from $500 to approximately $12,000 in the spring semester competition, will be distributed over the academic year (over summer, autumn, and spring semesters). The funds automatically go toward the payment of university tuition and fees. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a major program in the College of Arts and Sciences. You must also have attained junior standing and meet one of the following criteria: be a potential candidate for graduation with research distinction or with honors research distinction or present other evidence of work on a significant research project. Applicants are required to have an Ohio State University faculty advisor with whom they work to devise and refine a proposal, and who will be responsible for overseeing the project once it is underway.

Office of Undergraduate Research

Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research website for additional research funding opportunities.

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