Psychology Enrichment Program

All psychology students (and students interested in psychology) are invited to participate in the Psychology Enrichment Program (PEP). The Program helps students become more familiar and involved with the Department of Psychology, the advising office, and psychology faculty. These events encourage students to meet faculty outside of the classroom while being introduced to various topics in the field of psychology. Students are also introduced to career resources, exploration tools, and research opportunities.

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Decision Neuroscience

Thursday, January 17, 2018, 4:30pm, PS 35

Presented by: Dr. Ian Krajbich

How do we make decisions?  Traditionally, researchers have gone about answering this question by designing clever experiments to tease apart different possible answers.  Now, with technology that allows us to measure and alter brain activity, we can address this question at a deeper level, test theories with neural data, and develop new answers that rely on principles of brain function.  In this talk I will go over some of the key findings from decision neuroscience and current views on how the brain makes decisions.

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Self Control: Exploring Why Some Succeed and Others Struggle

Wednesday, March 20, 4:00pm, PS 35
Presented by: Dr. Ken Fujita

Self-control -- prioritizing more valued global goals over immediate temptations -- is associated with a number of positive life outcomes, including academic achievement, financial success, happier interpersonal relationships, and better mental and physical health.  Dr. Fujita will present research from his lab that explores who, when, and why some succeed whereas others struggle with this important skill.

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