Education Abroad

Psychology and Culture in Europe

Students in London forming O-H-I-OThe Psychology and Culture in Europe program offers an opportunity for psychology students to gain a unique perspective on the cities of Cologne, Germany and London, England.

The pre-departure requirement will be fulfilled by a two-day “boot camp” held in early May that will introduce psychology students to the importance of these significant cities.

Travel for this program will occur in May session and will be led by Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown. Throughout the two weeks of travel, students will tour numerous sites of historical and cultural interest. For example, students will visit the homes and museums of Freud and Darwin, the former Gestapo Headquarters in Cologne, the Kölner Dome, and three psychology museums (in Bonn, Belgium, and London). Students will also attend a play at the histori Globe Theatre, have afternoon tea in London, and traditional German food in Cologne.

To read the details about this amazing trip, check out the OIA website.

Please note that you will receive 3 credits of Psychology 5797 credit for participating in this program. The Psychology 5797 credits DO NOT count toward your major program in psychology. Please check with your academic advisor for questions about how this course will count toward your degree.

To learn more about this program, please contact Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown with any questions you have about the experience and contact our OIA representative, Rebecca McMunn, with questions about the application process.

My Adventure Abroad - by Janese Eckley

Janese at Roman ColosseumIn May, after my junior year, I had the amazing opportunity to partake in the psychology education abroad trip to Italy (Rome and Venice) and England (London) along with eighteen other psychology students. I had wanted to be a part of this experience since my freshman year, and I finally had the time in my summer schedule. I really wanted to study abroad to experience new cultures and learn how psychology has evolved and is viewed in those cultures. I also wanted to gain more independence and push myself out of my comfort zone.

The trip is structured so students have the freedom to fly early or stay after to visit other countries or different parts of Italy and England, of which many students took advantage. Through this trip, I learned to buy my own plane tickets and navigate airport systems, which are two things that used to intimidate me.

While I could talk for days about how wonderful this trip was. I will just mention a few of the highlights. One of my favorite experiences was reading a Shakespeare play and then seeing it performed in the Globe Theatre in London. I wasn’t a huge fan of Shakespeare before this trip, but this whole experience was one I always mention when people ask me about the trip because it was truly amazing. Another part that made studying abroad great was visiting a madness museum in each city, which offered so much information about how mental illness used to be viewed and treated in the past and how it has evolved into their current views and practices. In one museum, we even got to look at original records of patients and doctors’ notes about treatment, progress, and discharge or death.

But the activities and sights aren’t the only things that make this trip great. We had two amazing resident directors (Dr. Alisa Paulsen and Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown) who made sure we were all taken care of and safe. We had individual meetings to check in with them to discuss how the trip was going, which I found really helpful. In addition to the RDs, we had incredible tour guides in every city who were not only extremely knowledgeable about their city, but also really enjoyed their jobs and did everything they could to make sure we had a great experience in each city. Our tour guide in London even timed it perfectly so we could see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Every part of this trip was amazing, and I definitely plan on revisiting Italy and England someday. I highly suggest this education abroad trip to anyone interested in psychology and traveling! I made great new friends whom I probably would not have met otherwise and learned so many new things that will carry me throughout the rest of my life.