Psychology Alum: Eric Sullivan

Eric Sullivan

"Making a difference in others' lives, opportunities to solve problems creatively, [and] great opportunities for continuing education and growth" are a few of things Eric loves about his career as a clinical psychologist at the Columbus Veterans Affairs Ambulatory Care Center in Columbus, OH. Eric received his BA in Psychology in 2004 and then completed his Ph.D. in 2010 at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. He is now able to do a variety of work that includes presenting at conferences, treating patients, consulting, writing, researching and many other things that he says would not have been open to him without a Ph.D.

"If you know you want to become a psychologist, it is imperative that you get experience with presenting and publishing research." Getting involved in a lab or having a job involving research after completing your undergraduate degree, he says, is the first step towards a future of possibilities.