Class of 2020: Ezequiel Herrera

Ezequiel Herrera

Ezequiel’s love for Ohio State runs in his family. Growing up in Genoa, OH, Ezequiel watched his mom passionately follow Buckeye football. As he got older, he met alumni in his community and felt in awe of their accomplishments.  When Ohio State offered him a scholarship, Ezequiel took his love for the university a step further by pursuing his undergrad career here.

As for psychology, Ezequiel is interested in both personal relationships and international relations and diplomacy.  He started as a political science major but; “The more I got into relationship research, [the more] I found out how involved psych was….Now I’m fully psych and loving it.”

As an Ohio State student, Ezequiel enjoys connecting with faculty mentors like Dr. Missy Beers, learning about research opportunities in the department, and serving as an RA for the John Glenn Living Learning Community. He is also the Internal Engagement Director for Undergraduate Student Government.

This summer Ezequiel received a competitive internship offer from Southwest Airlines in their employee engagement division. Interested in pursuing a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology after graduation, this internship offers him a chance to implement new strategies to improve leadership and communication at Southwest. Ezequiel’s long-term goal is to work for the State Department in diplomat/ambassador training.