Class of 2019: Nadia and Nadiem Musleh

Nadiem and Nadia Musleh

Nadia and Nadiem, twins from Cleveland, OH, both chose to study psychology at Ohio State. While in middle school, they received admission to The Young Scholars Program. This program provided a full scholarship to OSU as well as mentorship and a support system on campus. As for psychology, they both enjoy working with and helping others and were drawn to psychology after taking the introductory course. Over the next four years, other standout courses include Adolescent Sexuality and Positive Psychology for Nadia and Theories of Personality and Primate Cognition for Nadiem. For both, passionate, caring instructors made the classes memorable.

Outside of psychology, both are actively involved around campus. While both are members of the Psychology Club, their other interests vary. Nadiem plays on the intermural basketball team, is a musician, and helps tutor (among other things) for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Nadia worked in both The Cognitive and Development Lab and The Mood and Personality Studies Lab as well as with the Suicide Prevention Program and Peers REACHing Out (PROs). Nadia states, “I do not think I will ever forget how it felt to give my first REACH© Training as a member of PROs. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have gained outside of the classroom here at OSU.”

Their advice to other psychology majors? “Invest in the material” both inside and outside of psychology. Nadia also has specific advice for students of color both within psychology and at the university; “Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed when there are not many people who ‘look like you’ in your classes. Remember to believe in [your] own ability to succeed, and to get involved with student groups that make [you] feel at home.”

After graduation, Nadia plans to work in a clinical research lab for a year before pursuing graduate school in the mental health field specializing in children and adolescents. Nadiem is currently on tour as a musician and plans to “expand my talents while using what I’ve learned in psychology to better engage my following.” He is also looking for jobs related to education counseling.