Class of 2019: Lisa Jok

Lisa Jok

Lisa Jok from Miri, Malaysia, chose Ohio State because of its strong reputation in psychology. Fascinated by human behaviors and attitude, psychology seemed like the perfect fit for her undergraduate major.

Among her classes, Lisa particularly enjoyed Positive Psychology: “I can actually apply the information that we learn in class to my daily life. There were practices backed up by science and research that can help me live a more positive and happy life.” Outside the classroom, she highly recommends the Stop! and Think! Film Series led by Dr. Cravens-Brown: “I think it’s exciting, engaging, and thought-provoking” to explore current topics in psychology through film and discuss those ideas with peers and faculty.

Outside of the department, Lisa works as a Peer Career Coach through the ASC Career Center. In this position, she helps students create and edit resumes, cover letters, and addresses career and internship related concerns.

Lisa hopes to use the knowledge she’s acquired in psychology to bring more mental health awareness back to Malaysia. After graduation, she is looking for jobs in Human Resources with the eventual goal of obtaining a master’s degree in the field.