Class of 2018: Norsuhana Emilinadiah Husin (Nadia)

Nadia Husin in front of diplay showing her culture

Nadia, from Temerloh, Malaysia, chose OSU due to its reputation as a diverse and inclusive campus. Being an international student, OSU’s inclusive environment offers her a sense of belonging. As a member of the Honors program, she enjoys the discussion-based classes. She recommends the Honors program to other students noting, “The Honors program is a platform for students to get more involved in campus activities…I use my Honors G.O.A.L.S as my guideline because it shaped me to be who I am today.”

For Nadia, the Psychology Department offers classes that leave a lasting impression, like Dr. Vasey’s Clinical Psychological Science. It also offers her a chance to connect with other students, like one of her favorite events, the Joe and Dough; “I love the donuts.” 

Nadia works in Dr. Strunk’s research lab, giving her valuable research and clinical experience at the same time. “Learning about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the textbook is so much different from watching the therapy sessions. I gained valuable knowledge about depression, anxiety, and CBT.” She recommends students participate in research early, to help narrow down their interests. Participating in the research lab inspired her to become a Clinical Psychologist; after graduating, she plans to attend graduate school for Clinical Psychology