Meet Our Students

Class of 2019: Alexandria (Alex) Barkhimer

Alex Barkhimer

For Alex, from Whitehouse, OH, Ohio State was her dream school. She was excited about the many opportunities OSU would provide, include access to outstanding research opportunities and faculty.

Class of 2020: Ezequiel Herrera

Ezequiel Herrera

Ezequiel’s love for Ohio State runs in his family. Growing up in Genoa, OH, Ezequiel watched his mom passionately follow Buckeye football.

Class of 2019: Nadia and Nadiem Musleh

Nadiem and Nadia Musleh

Nadia and Nadiem, twins from Cleveland, OH, both chose to study psychology at Ohio State. While in middle school, they received admission to The Young Scholars Program. This program provided a full scholarship to OSU as well as mentorship and a support system on campus.

Class of (AU) 19: Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman

Caroline, from the DC area, wanted to explore a new part of the country and saw Ohio State (and Columbus) as a perfect blend between big city and college town.

Class of 2019: Lisa Jok

Lisa Jok

Lisa Jok from Miri, Malaysia, chose Ohio State because of its strong reputation in psychology. Fascinated by human behaviors and attitude, psychology seemed like the perfect fit for her undergraduate major.

Class of (AU) 2018: Jacqui Levine

Jacqui Levine

Jacqui, from Marlboro, NJ fell in love with both Columbus and Ohio State as soon as she arrived for a visit her senior year of high school.