Meet our Students and Alumni

Psychology Alum: Jacob Marzalik

Jacob Marzalik

Jacob received his BA in psychology from OSU and went on to complete a MA in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University, Chicago in 2016. He currently works as a Project Manager for the American Psychological Association.

Class of 2022: Ally Leamy

Ally Leamy

Ally, from Sylvania, OH, almost didn’t become part of the Buckeye family. “I never thought about OSU until my mom made me visit because we were in the area.” However, after seeing the beauty of the campus and the diversity of opportunities within the psychology department, she was sold.

Class of 2021: Maggie Hart

Maggie Hart on a bridge in downtown Columbus

Maggie Hart, from Dayton, OH, comes from a family of Buckeyes and chose Ohio State, in part, to be part of that legacy. She was also drawn to our renowned psychology program, knowing right from the start of her college career she wanted to major in psychology. “I chose psychology . . .

Psychology Alum: Eric Sullivan

Eric Sullivan

"Making a difference in others' lives, opportunities to solve problems creatively, [and] great opportunities for continuing education and growth" are a few of things Eric loves about his career as a clinical psychologist at the Columbus Veterans Affairs Ambulatory Care Center in Columbus, OH.

Psychology Alum: Kalee Brenner

Kalee Brenner

"Being open to positions that don’t seem like typical ‘psychology’ careers” is what led Kalee to her current position. Kalee is a Student Financial Services Specialist, and loves being part of the OSU community again. The variety of work each day is one of her favorite aspects of the job.