Meet Our Students

Class of 2018: Meggan Dingus

Meggan Dingus and dog

Meggan, from Milford, OH fell in love with Ohio State during a college visit which her mother forced her to attend: “I was very grumpy and didn’t want to come.” However the wide variety of opportunities at OSU—research, internships, education abroad, career building--drew her in.

Class of 2019: Devon Smith

Devon Smith in tropical setting

Devon from Menlo Park, CA, chose Ohio State because it had everything she was looking for: a large student body, school spirit, exciting sports, and an incredible psychology program, among other things. For someone who loves helping others, choosing psychology was an easy decision.

Class of 2019: Siobhan McDermott


Siobhan, from Cleveland, OH, chose OSU for its highly rated psychology program and because she fell in love with the campus and its distance from home (just right). Psychology became an interest of Siobhan’s in high school; that interest has only grown during her years at OSU.

Class of 2019: Alexandra Goss

Alexandra Goss on a bridge

Alexandra, from Cincinnati, OH, added the psychology major after taking social psychology as a general education writing requirement.  Since the class clarified her interest in the field, she recommends students also take PSYCH 2367.01 if they are interested in further exploring psychology.&

Class of 2019: Meredith Reagan

Meredith Reagan

Meredith, from Cincinnati, Ohio fell in love with campus and the school spirit.  However, the countless research opportunities related to neuroscience and human behavior finalized her decision to become an OSU Buckeye. 

Class of 2018: Mia Kern

Mia Kern

Mia, from West Chester, Ohio, chose to study psychology at Ohio State because she wants to make an impact in the area of mental health. Mia later wants to pursue a dual graduate degree in Social Work and Public Administration.